Magic Garden is a captivating and enchanting interactive, immersive experience designed to ignite the imagination and creativity of participants.

By blending the physical and digital worlds, it transports individuals into a realm where their artistic expressions flourish. The process begins with participants carefully colouring in exquisite species of flowers and delicate butterflies on paper, each stroke a testament to their unique style.

Once the artwork is completed, it is scanned and seamlessly integrated into a vibrant, digital garden. As if by magic, the once static landscape springs to life, transformed by the addition of these handcrafted masterpieces. The garden awakens with a mesmerizing day and night cycle, where the warm hues of the sun cast gentle shadows and the moonlight illuminates the nocturnal wonders.


As more flowers and butterflies are added, the garden flourishes into a breath-taking panorama. Every stroke of color imbues the virtual ecosystem with vitality and beauty, creating an ever-evolving masterpiece. The interplay between the physical and digital realms in Magic Garden fosters a deep sense of connection and accomplishment, reminding us of the profound impact our creative expressions can have on the world around us.u

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